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The Japan Enthusiast

From kintsugi to furoshiki, Japanese art, crafts and keepsakes bring beauty and depth to every household. For the friend with an eye for design or sibling who holds Japan in her heart, mark the New Year with goods that are both beautiful and functional.

Kintsugi Repair Kit, Silver/Indigo


Furoshiki-Wrapped Gift Box – Matcha


The Self-Care Devotee

From morning routines to evening bathing rituals, self-care builds more presence into the everyday. For those who live for a quiet moment, treat them to natural scents, salts, and scrubs that tidy away even the hardest of days — and then lull them into deep, joyful sleep.

Japanese Onsen Saru Hot Springs Bath Soak


Organic Cotton Pajama Pant Set – Blue Check


The Tidier

Living with intention starts with small changes —more mindful cleaning products, assigning every cherished item a dedicated place. Support their dedication to a tidier world order with KonMari Method™ approved organizational tools and earth-friendly products.

Medium Hikidashi Drawer Organizer – Set of 8, Clarity


"Donate, Discard, Sell" Sticker Pack


The Epicurious

Nothing embodies the spirit of the season more than sharing a meal with those you love. For the tastemaker with a sophisticated palate, stock their kitchen with beloved Japanese culinary staples. Expect many joyful dinners in the New Year.

Japanese Carbon Steel Deep Frying Pan


Japanese Picklestone


The Joyful Host

You love them because they make dinner parties feel effortless and tired travelers feel like they’ve come home. Celebrate their generosity with gifts designed to make inviting cherished guests into their homes — and hearts — even better.

Cedar Chopsticks – Blue Color Block


Rose Quartz Incense Holder


The Traveler

The road less traveled calls for a more tidy and organized traveler. Give them the accessories they need to carry The KonMari Method™ wherever their wanderlust takes them. Each thoughtful object will remind them of that indescribable feeling of beginning a journey.

'Choose Joy' Reusable Travel Tumbler


Stress-Free Travel Set


The Young at Heart

From classic board games to sustainable toys, this collection celebrates childlike wonder and the magic of lighthearted moments. Find the ideal gift for every kid on your list — or the adult who always reminds you that we’re never too old to enjoy life’s simplest pleasures. Let’s play.

Fabriano Stitched Linen Pencil Crayon Set


Japanese Calligraphy Watercolor Brush Pen Set