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Modern Daruma Doll

Modern Daruma Doll

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Each color sold separately.

Daruma dolls are traditional Japanese talismans of good luck. They're most often painted with the face of a man to represent Bodhidharma, the Buddhist monk who founded the Zen tradition. You'll find them for sale outside of Buddhist temples throughout Japan. Today, darumas are treated as secular gifts of encouragement and given anytime a loved one could use some well wishes. These playful, pop-colored darumas are perfect for kids and adults alike. Each color represents a particular type of luck, so pick the one best suited to your goals.

White: Success, especially in work, finances, school or other life goals

Green: Good health, a joyful life and general good wishes

Pink: Success in love

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1.6" L x 1.8" W x 1.8" H


Paper and paint

Care & Use Instructions

Please handle with care as paint can chip if scratched. Keep away from liquid and wipe clean with a dry cloth.