Poshmark – Clothing, Shoes and Accessories

Poshmark is a social marketplace for buying, selling and discovering fashion and more. After deciding which items you want to keep by asking yourself if they spark joy, you can give pre-loved clothing, shoes and accessories new life by listing them on Poshmark. Listing your items takes seconds – get started now by downloading their mobile app or logging on to their website. The platform serves over 70 million users, which means 70 million possible new owners for your gently used items.

The RealReal – Clothing, Shoes and Accessories

The RealReal is a high-end consignment platform whose goal is to extend the life of luxury goods and soften the environmental impact of producing them. TheRealReal is the only online selling platform that authenticates every item through a rigorous process overseen by brand experts. Customers can easily shop, sell or receive free valuations for their items at one of their 14 retail locations. Just request a free consignment kit to get started.

thredUP – Clothing, Shoes and Accessories

thredUP aims to create a sustainable fashion future by modernizing thrifting and promoting intentional shopping. To get started, request a clean out kit and fill it with gently used items that no longer spark joy. thredUP provides a shipping label – all you need to do is drop it off and let them do the rest! When your items are passed on to their new owners, you can cash out or earn shopping credit.

Etsy – Clothing, Accessories, Books and Komono

Etsy is a global marketplace that connects millions of buyers with a community of dedicated sellers. The platform is home to unique products ranging from handcrafted goods to vintage heirlooms – and everything in between. To set up a shop on Etsy, create an Etsy account first. Then, list your first item for only $0.20 – just share a few photos and add a product description to post your listing. Transactions are secure and sellers are protected, taking the stress out of selling your stuff.

Chairish – Komono, Furniture and Home Accessories

Chairish is a consignment platform designed for reselling furniture and other unique housewares. Tell stories and share joyful memories about your once cherished items when you list them. Chairish approves the items listed, touches up the product photos, vets and verifies the buyers and facilitates shipping and payment for you – reselling made easy!

Bookscouter – Books

Bookscouter helps users search for platforms to sell, buy and rent textbooks at the best price by comparing offers from over 30 book buyback vendors. Purchasing used textbooks or renting textbooks ensures that several different owners are able to use, appreciate and learn from them.

Tech Trade-In Programs – Electrical Komono

Tech Trade-In Programs help you part with electronics that no longer spark joy without taking a toll on the environment. Apple, Amazon and other electronics retailers allow you to turn them in for credit or a device upgrade! Even old electronics that no longer work can be recycled for free. Follow the organization’s online directions to mail it in or drop it off – it’s good for you, good for your items and good for the planet.


Goodwill – Clothing, Books and Komono

Goodwill accepts gently used CDs, DVDs, records, VHS tapes, collectibles, electronics, appliances, furniture and even automobiles to sell in stores and on their website. The proceeds are then used to benefit those with barriers to employment by empowering them with job training and job placement services. Reach out to a local Goodwill store for more details on how to drop off your donations or have them picked up.

Salvation Army – Clothing, Books and Komono

The Salvation Army accepts accepts furniture, linens, kitchenwares, sports equipment, automobiles and other household goods. Donated items sold at their thrift stores are used to fund addiction rehabilitation programs, which help those struggling with drugs and alcohol to find the resources they need to heal and move forward. They serve in 130 countries around the world and assist approximately 23 million Americans annually. Call your local Salvation Army store to learn how you can drop off or schedule a pickup for your items.

Habitat for Humanity – Komono

Habitat for Humanity resells donated goods at their ReStore locations and uses the proceeds to realize their mission of helping families build affordable homes – and better futures. All ReStore locations accept gently used furniture, appliances, housewares and building materials but each location is unique – call ahead to see if your local ReStore will accept clothing and electronics too. Donate goods in person or schedule a free pickup for larger items. You can even donate most motor vehicles using their online Donation Wizard!

BetterWorldBooks – Books

BetterWorldBooks is an online book retailer that sells new and used books. Their organization arranges book drop boxes in the eastern United States and throughout the United Kingdom – you can even contact them to host one of your own. They also accept prepaid shipments at each of their facilities. Each book they sell is matched with a book donation – since their establishment in 2003, they have donated 26 million books and reused or recycled over 300 million more.

Prison Book Network – Books

Prison Book Network is a resource for finding nearby organizations that accept book donations for prisoners. Many prisons do not allow book donations from family and friends – the books must come from retailers, publishers or donation programs like these. Any book is capable of sparking joy – Howard W., who is currently located at the Rayburn Correctional Center in Louisiana, wrote that “a standard Dictionary has given me more joy than any other book I’ve ever read. The dictionary has given me a better understanding of the world around me.”

Operation Paperback – Books

Operation Paperback has shipped 2.9 million books to individuals located overseas since 1999. To donate your books, register as a volunteer shipper on their website. When you log in to their “Volunteer’s Corner,” you can input the genres of the books you’re letting go of and their system will generate a customized address list for you. Just label and pack your books, address your box and take it to the post office! Their staff is there to help with any hiccups along the way. You can view joy-sparking thank you notes from their grateful recipients.


Junkluggers – Clothing, Books, Paper and Komono

The Junkluggers is an eco-friendly junk removal company that provides sustainable disposal services for the communities it serves. After their teams remove the items you want to let go of, they will donate what they can to local nonprofits and charities before recycling the rest.

Terracycle – Komono

Terracycle has diverted millions of pounds of waste from landfills by partnering with vendors to initiate unique waste recycling programs. By recycling your items, you send them off in the most joyful way possible – by giving them a second chance to carry out their purpose. Explore Terracycle’s website to find out if you have eligible items!

Freecycle – Clothing, Books and Komono

The Freecycle Network is a grassroots, nonprofit movement where members can “recycle” by giving away items that no longer spark joy – or getting items that do! Membership is free and the groups are moderated by dedicated volunteers. Just join a local group to get started!

Earth911 – Clothing, Books, Paper and Komono

Earth911 began as an Arizona-centric recycling database and evolved into a thriving organization that promotes all things sustainability and recycling. This paper recycling resource from their website details the process of recycling paper, the different grades of paper and tips for how you can recycle paper properly. The website also features recycling guides for other items and a search tool for finding recycling centers near you.