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Toyo Steel

White Steel Multi-Use Japanese Toolbox

White Steel Multi-Use Japanese Toolbox

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Storage boxes and dividers sold separately.

This classic steel toolbox can be put to use in countless ways in order to achieve a more organized life. Each one is produced from a single piece of steel, which makes the design uniquely durable, watertight and free of sharp edges. Use it to keep office or art supplies within easy reach, to organize beauty products or as storage for first aid supplies or sewing project odds and ends. The pretty white hue means that it is always easy to spot on a closet top shelf — and a joyful addition to craft tables and home offices.

Tidy Tip Use our Small Hikidashi Storage Boxes 
to neatly divide this box into smaller compartments giving every tool or item its proper place.

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14" L x 5.9" W x 4.3" H


Painted Steel