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Hirota Glass

Traditional Japanese Aburidashi Glass Tumbler

Traditional Japanese Aburidashi Glass Tumbler

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The traditional glassmaking style called wa-glass, or opalescent glass, has existed since the Meiji period in Japan but was nearly lost in the intervening centuries. The practice makes use of the Aburidashi technique, which involves using a special patterned mold to stamp each glass with a pattern along its surface. The resulting tumblers, available in three modern designs, nod to the rich history of Japanese glassware while offering an entirely new aesthetic. Choose from either a cross, line or zebra pattern — sold separately — or combine all three to build a set worthy of any home kitchen or bar. 

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Capacity, 10.5 oz
3.34" Dia x 3.54" H


Soda glass

Care & Use Instructions

Hand washing recommended.