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Cookie Policy

KonMari Media Inc. / KonMari Media Japan, Inc. COOKIE POLICY

This Cookie Policy describes how KonMari Media Inc. and KonMari Media Japan, Inc. (hereinafter, “KonMari” “we” or “us”) process cookies or other files with similar purpose (hereinafter, the Cookies) in the domains it operates, with the purpose of enabling your browsing on our website (hereinafter, the “Site”).


    1.1 What are Cookies?

    Cookies are small data files that are stored in your device to access the service provided by KonMari. They also collect information about your activity on the network and enable KonMari to collect information on the use of the service.

    Most browsers accept Cookies automatically, although the configuration of your device can be changed to prevent this from happening; Cookies already stored on your device can also be deleted (see Section 2. Cookies Management). Cookies can be deleted from your device if you wish. Most of the services in our Site may even be used without cookies.

    You can review the Privacy Policy for more information regarding KonMari’s processing of personal data obtained through Cookies.

    1.2 What are Cookies for?

    Cookies are used to recognize users, improve the experience and personalize it in case the user returns to the KonMari domain. Likewise, they allow us to provide additional services, for example, remembering some aspects of users’ latest search for content so that, among others, subsequent searches are faster.

    1.3 What types of Cookies does KonMari use?

    1.3.1. Strictly necessary Cookies:

    Our Site uses its own Cookies -these are Cookies created directly by or our third party vendors on your device- which are strictly necessary for developing the service. These Cookies are essential for users to browse the Site, among others, enabling them to remember to "log in". Without these Cookies, certain services cannot be provided.

    1.3.2 Cookies to improve the user experience:

    Our Site uses both proprietary and third-party Cookies -Cookies presented by third parties on our behalf- which allow recognizing your device when you visit other websites. Third party cookies are used mainly for the analysis of websites or for advertising purposes.

    Some of the Cookies used on the websites only remain on your device while your browser is running (Session Cookies), while other Cookies remain for longer periods (Permanent Cookies).

    1.4 How does KonMari use Cookies?

    The following table describes how Cookies are used in our Site. The Cookies we use may change as our website is modified. The following are the use categories.

    Use Category


    Strictly Necessary





    KonMari uses Cookies to verify your account and personalize your experience. For example, these Cookies allow us to help you stay connected while browsing the websites.

    Likewise, KonMari uses Cookies to offer you user functions and experience. For example, these Cookies can help us with configuration.

    Those Cookies are essential to navigate since they enable the use of the Site’s tools and functionalities such as identification of a user, access to restricted sections, saving of the elements that make an order, performance of a purchase process, among others. Without these cookies, the mentioned functions would become disabled.


    KonMari and our advertising partners may collect information from you by using Cookies, for advertising displayed on websites to be more relevant. It also allows us to measure campaigns effectiveness.

    Performance / Statistics

    KonMari collects information on the way websites are used enabling us to create statistics that help us maximize our services. For example, these Cookies help us to tally the number of visits to our Site and traffic sources.

    For a list of Cookies that apply to the service, see Annex 1 - Cookies Table.



    2.1 How can you configure the Cookies?

    KonMari installs all these cookies in your web browser. You can configure your browser to accept or reject all Cookies by default, or to receive a warning on the screen when each Cookie is received and decide at that moment whether or not to install it on your hard drive. To do this, we suggest you visit the "Help” section of your browser to learn how to change the configuration you currently use. If you redo the Cookies utilization, you might continue browsing the Site; however, you may have limited access to some sections.

    The following are instructions to configure your browser depending on the type of browser used:

    1. If you use Microsoft Internet Explorer, in the Tools menu option, select Internet Options and then Privacy.
    2. If you use Firefoxfor Mac, in the Settings menu option, select Privacy, then Show Cookies; for Windows in the Tools menu option, select Options, then Privacy and then Use a Personalized Configuration for History.
    3. If you use Safari, in the Settings menu option, select Privacy.
    4. If you use Google Chrome, in the Tools menu option, select Options (Settings in Mac), and then Advanced; then select the Content Configuration option in the Privacy section, and select Cookies in the Content Settings dialog box.

    2.2 How can you block or revoke your consent?

    Currently, KonMari does not take measures to respond to "Do Not Track" signals because a uniform technological standard has not yet been developed.

    However, you have the possibility to revoke at any time the consent given for the use of Cookies by KonMari, by configuring your browser as described above or by checking privacy settings.

    If you redo Cookies, you may continue browsing the Site, but you may have limited access to some sections.

    If you wish to have better visibility of all advertising Cookies installed in your browser for this or other services, you can visit: On this website you will find information about how behavioral advertising works, further information about cookies and the steps you can take to protect your privacy on the internet.


    There are the so-called "retargeting pixels" obtained from registered or unregistered users who have previously interacted or visited the KonMari service, and a series of browsing data such as IP address, from which users access the site, is assigned, the number of users who visit us, the visits frequency and recurrence; all enabling KonMari to offer advertising with the latest news and updates about the service through different affiliated webpages.


    KonMari may update this Cookie Policy to reflect changes, such as changes in the Cookies themselves, or for other operational, legal or regulatory reasons.

    Therefore, please check this Cookies Policy periodically to stay informed about our use of Cookies.

    The last update will be reflected on the effective date, which will remain at the top of the document.

    5. CONTACT

    For any questions you may have about this Cookie Policy, you can contact us through email at, toll-free 1-855-955-0356 or the contact form.

    Last updated on January 1, 2020