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Become a Certified KonMari Consultant

We are changing lives, one client at a time. Certified KonMari Consultants are professional tidying experts trained to help people organize their homes – and transform their lives – using the KonMari Method®. We organize their surroundings and as a result, bring more joy into their lives. If you’re considering a career change, or are interested in starting your own business, join our thriving global community of over 700 certified KonMari Consultants and a rapidly growing community of Consultants-in-Training. KonMari is extraordinarily proud of this unique and highly sought community. Supporting our Consultants – and fostering their professional growth and development – is core to our philosophy and mission statement to Organize the World® and Spark Joy® in others.


Do you have a passion for tidying? Our Consultant Certification Course could be the first step towards your ideal career. Subscribe to our newsletters for important industry information with a special link to download our brochure.  

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We’ve got you covered! View a 30-minute info session where we go into the details of how our program is designed for your success.The Consultant Program is more than a course.

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There’s a place for your passion. When you begin training to become a certified KonMari Consultant, you’re joining a movement – an inclusive global professional community of small business owners, each dedicated to helping clients reclaim their lives through discovering what really makes them happy. With over 200,000 tidying hours for over 10,000 clients, KonMari Consultants are making a major impact globally.

You will be joining forces with and learning from over 700 certified KonMari Consultants in over 54 countries.

As a KonMari Consultant-in-Training, you’ll have access to all of our professional training tools to become an expert in the KonMari Method and to start your practice. Together with our Success Team, you’ll quickly find your way to a meaningful career making a lasting impact in people’s lives, including your own.

Colored areas represent the countries our certified Consultants are located in.


The Consultant Program Team

Tracy LeWorthy

Senior Director

Tiffany Dyer

Events Manager

Miho Armacost

Community Manager

Takeo Yagi

Vice President



Sammi Nguyen

Consultant Portal


The support of the KonMari Success Team

Once in the Consultant Program, the KonMari Success Team will provide the guidance needed to get you through the hills and valleys of starting your small business.  Our exclusive business workshops are designed to meet the needs of the Consultants. They are the core of our mission to encourage, support, inspire and educate our Consultants.  

Consultant Network
and Visibility

Our certified Consultants are featured in our online directory. Clients find you with ease as you appear among your esteemed colleagues from all over the world. You won’t go it alone and we take great pride in our unique and excellent alumni network. 

The Consultant Portal and Community Forum

As a Consultant, you gain access to our exclusive business management tools, communication space and ongoing learning. Refine your practice and acquire new skills throughout your career, with “how to” videos, marketing materials and tool kits to help you truly reach your full potential.


Getting Started

Initial training takes you deep into the KonMari Method’s philosophy, mission and mindset teachings. You will learn the fundamental reason for ‘Why Joy?’ and become part of the Consultant community.

Business Identity

We help you craft your personal brand by identifying what sets you apart as a Consultant. Everyone brings their own magic!

Client Skills

We take a closer look at the ‘Tidy By Category’ rule, learn how we conduct sessions with clients and examine ‘The Six Rules’ by which we abide.


From accounting to advertising, we talk you through all the fundamentals of getting your business started and set you on the right path.

Certification Fees

$2,250 Consultant Certification Course Enrollment (Regular Admission)

Certification Course

Participation in a 3-day online or in-person Consultant Certification Course and related materials.

CRM Tools

Upon successful completion of our Consultant Certification Course, access to our CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools.

Professional Certification

A professional certification in the KonMari Method.

Network and Resources

Access to a network of certified Consultants, tools and professional resources.

Guidance and Feedback

Guidance and constructive feedback from the KonMari Success Team on your practice tidying sessions while you train.

Exam and Interview

Your final exam and interview upon completion of your training.

The cost of your course enrollment covers your entire training journey.

$500 Licensing Activation Fee upon passing final exam

$500 Annual Licensing Fee for subsequent years to maintain your membership