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Deluxe Sentimental Wedding Box

Deluxe Sentimental Wedding Box

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Every wedding comes with its own memories, often in the form of photographs and guestbooks, but sometimes also in the unexpected object — a delicate cocktail napkin, a pressed lilac, something small and blue. This keepsake box is designed to help organize and safely store those mementos in one place.

The fabric-covered box features meticulously designed compartments that provide space for every important item, no matter the size or shape. Acid-free drawers hold treasured mementos, while vertical files store invitations, guestbooks and table decorations. The set also includes illustrated labels and stitched frames for personalizing the box with photos or letters. Beautiful enough to display on a new home's coffee table, it is designed to follow you through many years of post-nuptial travels, growth and joy.

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10.02" L x 7" W x 12.88" H


Custom-dyed book cloth over reinforced paperboard, acid-free paper

Care & Use Instructions

Use a soft brush or cloth to gently remove dirt. A document cleaning pad, dirt eraser or absorbent putty can be used for tough stains.