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Hand-Painted Kyoto Flower Ceremonial Teapot

Hand-Painted Kyoto Flower Ceremonial Teapot

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This teapot without a handle is known as a hohin, which is used for high-grade green teas, such as sencha and gyokuro, to extract each tea's unique, joy-sparking flavor. Each one is hand-painted with blossoms inspired by spring in Kyoto. Because tea in a hohin is brewed with water at a lower temperature — about 60°C 140°F (60°C) — a handle is not necessary. Rather than a standard mesh strainer, the pot features fine holes in the body and its mouth extends to the bottom of the pot to prevent hot water from remaining inside. Use it to invite the unforgettable experience of a Japanese tea ceremony into your own home.

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4.3" L x 3.9" W x 3.5" H
Capacity 7.8 oz



Care & Use Instructions

Before Using Your Tea Cup, Teapot or Bowl for the First Time,
Follow the Steps Below:
1. Wash the tea cup with warm water, and then wipe the
outside and inside with a damp cloth.
2. Leave the tea cup to dry, inside and outside for 30mins.
To preserve the quality and beauty of your tea cup,
follow the steps below:
1. After using the tea cup, rinse it out with water, avoiding
the use of detergents and boiling water.
2. Dry completely the outside and inside of the tea cup
before storing.
3. Never use an abrasive object such as a Scotch-Brite
sponge to clean your tea cup. This will slowly scratch and
dull the appearance.
4. Don’t leave water or tea, or an acidic liquid in the tea
cup for too long. To avoid stains and rings, never leave
water or tea on the outside and inside of your tea cup.
Before putting your tea cup away, be sure that it is
completely dray inside and outside and store the tea cup
separately and do not stack.
5. Do not place in a dishwasher. It is not dishwater safe!
6. It is a ceramic porcelain ware, manufactured from a hard
but brittle material, so sudden banging or dropping of the
tea cup can chip or break it. Please cherish your Kiyomizu
ware and handle with great care.