Being A KonMari Consultant

Is Consulting right for you?

If you are passionate about the KonMari Method® and helping people discover joy themselves, the decision to become a certified KonMari® Consultant is an obvious choice. You may want to ask yourself:

- Are you always tidying and organizing spaces wherever you go?
- Do you love telling people about Marie Kondo and her tidying method?
- Do you want to gain back more control over your schedule? 
- Is having an impact on individual people and your community important to you?
- Are you seeking the variety that comes with the consulting lifestyle? 

If this sounds like you, you’re someone who will make a great certified KonMari Consultant. Together we will explore all of the aspects of starting a small business and prepare you for what follows.  Let’s Organize The World® together!

What is a KonMari “Master” Consultant?

When you’re a consultant, your personality and personal interests are an asset. The need for certified KonMari Consultant services is so great that there is room for everyone. Knowing yourself and the communities you want to serve is an important part of moving your business forward. Of course you don’t have to specialize, but if you are interested in specific spaces, this is by all means something you can use to drive your consulting work.  We think it’s always inspiring to read through our Masters profiles to get a sense of how some of our Consultants are approaching things. Have a look! Meet the Masters.

How will I find clients?

Many people enrolling in the KonMari Consultant Certification Course ask “how will I find clients?”  On Day 3 of our Consultant Certification Courses, we will answer just that: our certified consultants will share recent experiences and best practices to equip you with the tactics and strategies needed to get clients – consistently.

What you’ll learn:

- How to find new clients
- How to stand out from the crowd
- How to talk about what you do
- How to build trust and deliver with confidence

What books can I read?

Preorder Marie’s new book, Kurashi at Home, to reserve your copy. In her newest release, available November 15, Marie’s teaching us how to amplify joy in every aspect of our lives.

Until then, here are the other books Marie has written.

Required Reading for the Consultant Course
The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up
& Spark Joy

Optional Reading
Kurashi at Home

Consultant Certification

How can I become a certified KonMari Consultant?

To be certified as a KonMari Consultant, you must attend a Consultant Certification Course, practice tidying with two clients, and then take a written exam.

1. Complete a Consultant Certification Course: Registering for and attending a Consultant Certification Course are the first big steps toward certification. You will only be recognized as a KonMari Consultant-in-Training once you have successfully completed a Consultant Certification Course.

Please note: Attending a Consultant Certification Course does not guarantee becoming a Consultant. There are prerequisites to attending a Consultant Certification Course. You will be asked to read Marie Kondo's books and submit photos of your tidied home after you register for a Consultant Certification Course.

2. Join the community: You will be invited to join the growing community of certified KonMari Consultants and KonMari Consultants-in-Training via the official Consultant Certification Course attendee Facebook groups, where you can exchange information and ideas with others who are also working toward certification.

Please note: You will only be granted access to the Facebook groups after you have successfully completed a Consultant Certification Course.

3. Submit tidy reports: Conduct at least 10 practice sessions (approximately 30 hours) in at least two clients’ homes and submit reports in the KonMari Method® order.

4. Take the exam: The online assessment exam covers concepts and potential scenarios you will face as a certified KonMari Consultant.

5. Apply for certification: Once all of the above steps have been successfully fulfilled and your application is approved, you will be required to sign the KonMari Consultant contract and pay your annual membership fee of $500 to activate your certification.

What can I do with this certification?

This Consultant Certification Course is a required step in becoming officially certified as a KonMari Consultant for in-home or virtual tidying using the KonMari Method®.

What happens after I attend the course? Am I certified immediately?

After you attend a Consultant Certification Course – virtual or in-person – you will continue on to the next steps of the certification process. You will be required to work with two clients and submit practice tidying reports for evaluation. Upon passing the evaluation, you will then be invited to take an online exam testing knowledge of the KonMari philosophy and tidying approach.

After you successfully pass the exam, there will be a brief onboarding interview with a KMI team member. Once you complete the interview, you will receive a contract, trademark guidelines and an invoice for a $500 (USD) annual activation fee to be certified as a KonMari Consultant.

If you have any questions regarding the certification journey, please email us at

Certification Course

Will Marie Kondo be attending the Consultant Certification Course?

Due to an increasing demand for her time across the business, Marie will be unable to attend the Consultant Certification Courses. However, the courses have been designed with her input and are based on her trademarked KonMari Method® of tidying.

Do you offer any payment plans or scholarships?

We are considering payment options in the future, but at this time, the course fee must be paid in full at registration.

Are there admission requirements to participate in the Consultant Certification Course?

There are two requirements to be admitted in to the Consultant Certification Course.

1. Read the books: Read Marie Kondo’s "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up" and "Spark Joy" (or equivalent in your language).

2. Tidy your home: Certified KonMari Consultants must practice what they teach. Submit after photos of your tidied home for verification.

What photos do I need to submit for admission requirement verification, once I have tidied my home? How do I submit them?

Once you have registered for the course, you will receive additional instructions for verification. Verification must be completed at least one week prior to the start of the course.

How long does the admission requirement verification process take after I submit the photos?

You will be contacted by a KonMari team member within five business days after you submit your verification photos.

What happens if I can't complete the course admission requirements by the deadline?

If you anticipate challenges completing the requirements by the deadline, please reach out to us by email as soon as possible. Completing these items prior to your attendance of the course is a crucial step in your journey to become a certified KonMari Consultant. If you do not reach out to us and do not complete the requirements, your registration may be cancelled and your fee refunded according to our cancellation and refund policy.

My plans have changed. Can I change the date of the course?

As long as there are available seats in another course with open registration, we will gladly assist you with changing the date of the course. For full details see our Cancellation / Change policy below.

What is your cancellation and refund policy for the Consultant Certification Course?

Cancellations within seven days of purchase will receive a full refund, except in the following cases:

Cancellations more than four weeks prior the first day of the course will incur a 20% return processing fee.Cancellations one to four weeks prior to the first day of the course will incur a 50% return processing fee.Cancellations made one week or less prior to the first day of the course cannot be refunded.

Transfer Policy

Depending on availability of seats in another course with open registration, during the same month you are registered, we will consider your transfer request.

Transfer requests made one week or less prior to the first day of the course cannot be transferred.Exceptions may apply. In the case an exception is made, a transfer processing fee may be applied.If you cancel after you are transferred, the cancellation policy will be applied based on the date of your original course and registration.
To initiate the cancellation, refund or transfer process, please email us at

Can I attend just part of the course?

You must attend the entire course, on all three days, to receive your certificate of attendance and to advance your certification process. We will be tracking attendance – please arrange your schedule accordingly.

Hiring a Consultant

How do I book a Consultant?

A listing of all certified Consultants can be found on our Consultant Search page. You can reach out to them directly by clicking the Contact button on their profile.

What are the levels of Consultants?

Consultants are assigned levels that correspond to how many tidying sessions they have completed with clients using the KonMari Method®, as well as the number of clients who have completed tidying their homes.

Regardless of level, each Consultant is officially certified and trained in the same program.

Consultant certification levels (minimum requirements):

- Certified Master: 1,500 tidying hours, 2 clients who completed their tidying festival

- Certified Platinum: 900 tidying hours, 2 clients who completed their tidying festival

- Certified Gold: 600 tidying hours, 2 clients who completed their tidying festival

- Certified Silver: 300 tidying hours, 1 client who completed their tidying festival

- Certified Bronze: 150 tidying hours, 1 client who completed their tidying festival

- Certified Green: 30 tidying hours, 1 client who completed their tidying festival

How can I interview a certified KonMari Consultant?

We have a select group of certified KonMari Consultant speakers who are available for press interviews or guest-speaking events. To access this list, please reach out to