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Virtual Consultant Certification Courses

In-Person Certification Courses

There are no in-person courses scheduled at this time.

The Course

Life-Changing Learning

Marie Kondo is the world’s most successful mind in tidying. Her method is at the same time a science and an art, and upholding her work is critical to the program’s success. The Consultant Certification Course expands on the KonMari Method® – offering an in-depth look at its principles and philosophy – and examines why it’s essential to adhere to it.

“This was the most interesting three days of my life. I enjoyed every minute of it – especially the workshops on day three. I’m excited to start this journey!”

Course Attendee

July, 2019

Professional Preparation — Beyond The Practical

The journey toward becoming a Certified Consultant in the KonMari Method® is challenging and rewarding. The program is designed to ensure you reach your full potential

Courses include a mix of lectures, group discussions, workshops and Q&A sessions. Registering for and attending the Consultant Certification Course is the first step toward certification. You will be recognized as a KonMari Consultant-in-Training once you have successfully completed your first Consultant Certification Course. 

The cost to attend a virtual Consultant Certification Course is $2,000 USD for early bird admission, and $2,250 for regular admission.

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Virtual Certification Course

April 19 – April 21, 2021

5:00pm – 9:45pm Pacific Daylight Time

$2,000 Early Bird