Meet the KonMari “Master” Consultants

Reaching the "Master" level is the culmination of client hours equal to 1500+ hours of tidying. KonMari Consultant Badge Recognition Program salutes those Consultants who have attained the highest badge level.

Master Consultant

Camille Hecker

Paris | France

“Seeking greater harmony”

Starting her career in communication, Camille put her skills at the service of NGOs whose ethical and environmental values she shared. Once she became a mother, she sought greater harmony between her personal and professional life: she became a coach and combined with traditional Chinese Feng Shui training, Camille established her company, Source d'intérieurs® in 2015. 

Much more than a method, KonMari is a philosophy of life for Camille, a self-discovery and a self-transformation journey.  Her purpose as a KonMari Consultant is to help people make their life more beautiful by simplifying it. Marie Kondo invites us to make things more visible, accessible and to honour them : it is simple, helpful and so powerful.  If Camille does what she does today, it is because she genuinely loves people and loves to see them happy.

Master Consultant

Gayatri Gandhi

Delhi NCR | India

“A way of life”

India’s first certified KonMari Consultant, Gayatri Gandhi has completed 1500+ hours of tidying and organizing across India through personal interactions.

In August 2017, she founded Joy Factory, the first company in India to officially follow and offer The KonMari Method®. Joy Factory aims to make decluttering a way of life thereby empowering every individual, family and corporations in India to become joyous and happy.

She is also a TEDx Speaker and delivered her talk on decluttering and organizing at the prestigious Indian Institute of Management, Ahemdabad. She’s also a proud recipient of the Digital Women Awards conducted by SheThePeople.

Master Consultant

Abhyunnati Singh

Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh | India

"Make happiness your innate character"

Abhyunnati believes that discovering Marie Kondo was a sign from the universe to pursue her passion for tidying, making her the youngest Master KonMari Consultant in India. 

As an instructor at Lovv & Order, her regimen of tidying, breathing exercises and meditation promotes a sense of order and enhances a balanced lifestyle by decluttering mind and space.

Abhyunnati strongly believes that happiness is a choice. That’s why she loves to travel around India for emancipating tidying projects and speaking engagements while working with both private and corporate clients, with the sole aim of developing a mindset to choose happiness in all aspects of life to make the most of one's space, time and resources.

True to her name and its meaning, Abhyunnati aspires to spread "prosperity" of mind and soul by "uplifting" the environment.

Master Consultant

Margarita Apaza

London, UK | Santa Cruz, Bolivia

“Discovering her passion”

Born and raised in Bolivia, Margarita’s background is in finances but her real passion always lay in organising since she was a little girl. Thanks to Marie Kondo, she discovered her passion that would really spark joy for her. 

Now she takes so much joy in taking this idea of Spark Joy® to peoples' lives, bringing her practical skills and knowledge to organising homes to help others.

Having lived & worked in Bolivia, Brazil & now England, Margarita is fluent in Quechua, Spanish as well as Portuguese and English.

Master Consultant

Michele Delory

Toronto |Canada

“Embracing minimalism AND what Sparks Joy® for everyone”

Michele is the owner of Modern & Minimalist based in Toronto, Canada.  In 2016, she discovered her passion for minimalism and for helping others live with less.  Ever since she was a child, she has always been organized and tidy by nature – having an eye for design and creativity, inherited by her late father who was a professional photographer.

Michele’s minimalist journey started from watching "Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things" and then reading "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up" by Marie Kondo.  She wanted to live with purpose and help others feel the transformation she had with the KonMari Method® – and in 2017 she went to NYC to start her training.

She embraces Marie Kondo's method because it doesn't mean to live with nothing, but to live with what "sparks joy" and has a purpose. She believes that having a clutter-free home filled with only what sparks joy will allow you to live a more peaceful and stress-free life.

Master Consultant

 Jeanette Bretteville

Oslo | Norway

“Meeting mess with respect and humility”

Jeanette Bretteville is the driving force behind Bretteville AS.  Her goal is to give people confidence that they have what they need on all levels through tidying their homes and lives, privately and professionally.

Mess in all its forms appeals to Jeanette and makes her curious – she meets it with respect and humility. There's nothing she hasn't seen before!  Jeanette feels deeply that we have a responsibility for the environment and other people and her work is designed with sustainability in mind.