Meet the KonMari “Master” Consultants

Reaching the "Master" level is the culmination of client hours equal to 1500+ hours of tidying. KonMari Consultant Badge Recognition Program salutes those Consultants who have attained the highest badge level.

Master Consultant

Sharon Mcnulty

Omagh | Northern Ireland | Ireland | UK

“Too much stuff and too little time”

With three grown up children, Sharon understands the complexities of finding a good work/life balance and juggling a busy home with little ones. She has always been highly organised but had too much stuff and too little time. 

That changed when Sharon read Marie Kondo’s book “Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” in 2014 and started her own tidying marathon. This has truly changed how she lives her life and has allowed her to fill her life only with those items that spark joy. 

Sharon enjoyed the process so much that she helped family and friends with their own tidying marathons. When she heard there was a KonMari® Consultant Certification Course, she jumped at the chance. 

She founded  Serenity Sparks Joy in 2019 and says, “It is not just about moving physical clutter; it is as much about the mental clutter that accompanies it.”

Master Consultant

Monika Miller

Knoxville, Tennessee | World Travel

"Making room for your ideal life"

Monika used to feel stuck in her life. After reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, she let go of unflattering slacks, an unfulfilling career and an unsupportive marriage. Five years later she wears soft jeans; she has found her life’s passion and purpose; and has met her soulmate.

She now guides her clients to discover the life they are meant to be living through the act of intentionally decluttering and organizing their homes. 

A sustainable architect by trade and a performance artist by heart, Monika founded Bower & Bird to help fellow unrepentant maximalists bring their homes into alignment with their ideal life.

Based in Knoxville, Tennessee, she loves to travel the world to work with clients.

Master Consultant

Talita Silva-Kawaguchi

New Jersey | Pennsylvania | Sao Paulo, Brazil

“A skill that can be learned”

Talita owned a home and office cleaning business for 15 years and the biggest challenge she encountered was clutter. She couldn't provide the best cleaning service with the clients' belongings all over the place. She didn't have the knowledge of how to get things out of the clients’ homes – and the following week the clutter would be all there again.

 In 2014, when Talita found out she had Lupus, her journey led her to do what she loves most... Organizing! In 2019 she took the KonMari Consultant Certification Course in New York and learned the methodology. She could finally present a solution not just to her former clients, but to anyone who needs it. 

 Owner of Organize, Shine and Tidy and instructor of Organized by Talita, Talita is passionate about helping others find the best way to transform their homes into a cozy place – and making her clients' lives easier and less complicated.

Master Consultant

Christine Tessier

Paris | Île-de-France | France

“Positive impact on well-being and lifestyle”

An experienced stylist, Christine creates decorative atmospheres for her professional clients or individuals.

Over the course of her missions and projects, she has come to feel with certainty that the right layout of an interior has a very positive impact on well-being and lifestyle.

Naturally convinced of the benefits of decluttering and organized living and working spaces, she discovered the KonMari Method® in 2015 by reading the bestseller, "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up" by Marie Kondo.  She trained in London with Marie and her teams by following the demanding process developed in Japan.

Christine’s ambition now is to transmit its principles to you.  Her business, My Better Place, is based in Paris, France.

Master Consultant

Mirjam Madsen

Gjern | Denmark | Iceland

"Order provides space and time”

Mirjam has experienced the effects of the KonMari Method® and the peace of mind that followed in her own home. 

In 2016, she went to San Francisco to learn the KonMari Method®, so she could help others by creating a home that nurtures them everyday.  She is so grateful to work professionally with her own company both in private homes and corporate buildings all over Denmark since 2016.

Mirjam also combines her skills as a social worker to help people who have felt the impact of illness or stress reflected in their home.  She says, "my clients feel seen with loving eyes and respect to get the order and mental surplus they crave"

Master Consultant

Pioda Wang

Beijing | China

“You live only once – be happy!”

Working overtime in a stressful environment or feeling stuck in a series of jobs that did not fulfill or challenge her, Pioda was searching.

When she saw Marie Kondo’s book, she was surprised that there are books that teach people to organize their homes in the world!  When she applied the KonMari Method® in tidying her own belongings, Pioda finally understood: "I want to live a life that sparks joy !”

The first KonMari Consultant to be certified in China, since 2018 Pioda has been helping clients from ordinary people to performing stars and entrepreneurs. She has been invited to speak at educational institutions to tell young people about the spark joy power of tidying up.

China is in a state of rapid economic development and many feel that there are too many things at home. Pioda offers her guidance in tidying objects, as well as their mental thoughts and their finances – to help people regain physical and mental freedom.