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Organic Yuzu Mint Sencha Loose Leaf Tea
Organic Yuzu Mint Sencha Loose Leaf Tea
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Organic Yuzu Mint Sencha Loose Leaf Tea

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This organic blend of loose leaf tea celebrates two classic Japanese flavors: sencha green tea and yuzu, Japan's most beloved citrus. Bright and fresh, it is perfect for moments of awakening — enjoy it as your first cup of the morning or during a rejuvenating afternoon break. Both yuzu and sencha are known for their antioxidant benefits, while yuzu also provides an extra dose of Vitamin C. This custom blend includes a subtle touch of spearmint, as well, which is believed to improve mental focus. Use this blend in your favorite tea ritual for a joy-sparking moment of self-care wherever you are!
2.2" L x 1.6" W x 8.7" H
50g / 1.8 oz
Organic sencha, organic spearmint and organic yuzu.
Brew Instructions
1. Boil 6-7 ounces of soft, filtered or bottled spring water to desired temperature. (We recommend a hot but not boiling temperature of 158°F.)
2. Add two leveled tsp (4g) of tea leaves to a tea pot.
3. Add water, and allow tea to brew for 45-60 seconds.
4. Once the tea has brewed, pour through a strainer into the cups.
5. Reuse your tea leaves for additonal cups! For a second brew, try 176°F for 15 seconds and for a third, 194°F for 45 seconds.