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Soapply x KonMari

Soapply x KonMari Mindful Home Cleaning Kit

Soapply x KonMari Mindful Home Cleaning Kit

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KonMari partnered with the conscious cleaning brand Soapply to create an exclusive line of products for the mindful home. Each one is safe, sustainable and designed to reduce impact on a small and large scale.

This eco-friendly starter kit includes three essential Soapply x KonMari products: A universal cleaning concentrate, reusable dish soap bottle and an all-purpose cleaning spray bottle. At the core of the collection is the cleaning concentrate. Pure, natural and unscented, it offers a deep clean that is free from harsh chemicals or additives. Once diluted with water, the concentrate can be used in the kit's refillable dish soap and spray bottles to bring joy to each of your daily chores. In an effort to further reduce impact, each bottle of concentrate is tied to a $4 donation that funds water, sanitation, and hygiene initiatives around the world. Additional concentrate is available at Shop at KonMari.

Joy Tip Because the concentrate is naturally unscented, add essential oils to create your own custom scent.

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32 oz Cleaning Concentrate bottle, 3.5" Dia x 8" H
13.5 oz Glass bottle with sprayer, 3.15" Dia x 6.3" H
13.5 oz Glass bottle with pump, 3.15" Dia x 6.3" H


Concentrate: Saponified organic coconut, olive, and jojoba oils, rosemary extract, organic aloe

Bottles: glass

Care & Use Instructions

The glass base of the Cleaning Concentrate Bottle, All-Purpose Cleaner Bottle, and Dish Soap Bottle are dishwasher safe. Simply remove the top from the base before washing. Warm water and a small amount of the Concentrate can also be used to clean the glass base by hand between uses and refills!

Please Note

Animal testing was not used for this product. This product is free of artificial colorants, synthetic fragrances, added preservatives, and animal products and their byproducts.