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Made in Japan

Kokeshi Doll in Kimono

Kokeshi Doll in Kimono

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Spark joy for the doll lover in your life with this Japanese kokeshi doll, which has been carved from wood, then decorated with delicate paint strokes by hand. Kokeshi have been made using the same techniques for over 150 years and are known for their characteristic shape (simple body with no arms or legs). This doll was made by woodworkers in the Gunma Prefecture of Japan from mizuki wood, a tree that is used for making the most traditional kokeshi. She wears a traditional kimono, which has been painted with a floral design and nods her head as if to say "Hello."

Available in two colors, White or Red.

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2.4" Dia x 6.25" H


Mizuki wood

Care & Use Instructions

Keep dry to avoid damage.

Age & Saftey

Ages: 5+