Meet the KonMari “Master” Consultants

Reaching the "Master" level is the culmination of client hours equal to 1500+ hours of tidying. KonMari Consultant Badge Recognition Program salutes those Consultants who have attained the highest badge level.

Master Consultant

Jane Richardson, PhD

Hilton Head, South Carolina | USA

“Inspiring organization through confidence and encouragement.”

Educated in both the United States and France, Jane Richardson, PhD has a strong understanding of her two favorite topics: Organization and Communication. Jane’s enthusiasm for tidying is complemented by her communication skills and compassion for others. With 2,000+ tidying hours as a top-tier consultant, also known as a Certified Master, Jane's unrivaled qualifications illustrate her enthusiasm and commitment to organizing.

As a child, tidying was Jane's version of playing, it came naturally to her. It made her feel happy and creative as she folded clothes and organized drawers. As an adult, she turned her childhood pursuit into a passion. In 2021, Jane created Trust Tidying and became more empowered than ever. Inspiring organization through confidence and encouragement is her top priority, while effective communication and trust make the process enjoyable.

Life does not always run smoothly when daily chaos crushes your happiness. If you feel frazzled by clutter, please know a serene space awaits. Jane would be delighted to help you eliminate overwhelm and illuminate joy for a happier you!

Master Consultant

Erin Mursch

Austin, Texas | USA

"Align your environment with your deepest held values and desires."

Erin was among the very first training class of consultants in 2016 and was the first Master Consultant in Texas. She uses empathy, positive energy, and expertise to help her clients wherever they find themselves on their tidying journey. Her intention is to guide her clients to align their external environment with their deepest held values and desires for their life.

When she’s not organizing, Erin enjoys hiking, practicing yoga, and surfing in Costa Rica with her husband Eric and their son Max. Erin has a background in teaching and offers workshops on the KonMari Method® and the environmental impact of decluttering.

Master Consultant

Sica Wang

Shanghai | China

“Organization for a diverse community”

Sica has worked as an organizing consultant for 5 years, and is studying social work to achieve a master’s degree. She is multilingual – she can speak English, Chinese, a little Japanese and Korean. Sica has been reported by Chinese media and has talked on the TEDx stage. Now she is living in Australia most of the time and sometimes in Shanghai, where she has a team called 卡氏整理CaSe (WeChat & Xiaohongshu: 卡氏整理CaSe), providing professional services to different age groups, genders and families from diverse cultures.

Master Consultant

Mimi Bogelund

Sussex, England | United Kingdom

“Combining her love of helping people achieve their personal goals with her passion for an organised home”

With a hectic work life in the corporate world, Mimi had always been busy balancing home, work and family. And being Danish, home is hugely important to her. Probably because Hygge {hue-gah}, the Danish concept of living well, is all about home and considered by most Danes to be the key to happiness. Mimi is no minimalist, far from it! Her home is a period cottage where she enjoys being creative and always has a project in the works.

After leaving a long business career, Mimi discovered the KonMari Method. This inspiring system allowed her to transform her home and banish clutter once and for all. Something fell into place and she saw a way to combine her love of helping people achieve their personal goals with her passion for a well-functioning, organised, comfortable home – The Organised Home & Life was born.

The KonMari Method® is not just about decluttering, it is really about the kind of life you want to experience.

Master Consultant

Lissa Hussian

New York, New York | USA

“Bringing the magic of Marie Kondo’s unique tidying philosophy”

Lissa brings the magic of Marie Kondo's unique tidying philosophy to homes and businesses throughout NYC, the Westchester suburbs, and the Hamptons. Lissa takes what many see as an insurmountable task (creating and maintaining an organized home) and coaches clients in a way that helps them shift both the conversation around, and the relationship to, their belongings. As a mother to a newly minted teenager, she is keenly aware of the practicality of apartment dwelling and all the unique space challenges city living provides.

Master Consultant

Vivien Lee-Mayhue

Los Angeles, California | USA

“Helping make a positive impact on how clients feel about themselves from wake up to sundown”

Marie Kondo’s first book inspired Aussie born & L.A. based Vivien Lee-Mayhue to attend the L.A. 2017 Seminar, become KonMari certified & create her business; Tidy Up Los Angeles. Currently she is also working towards Life Coach certification.

Empowering clients with their decision making on what to confidently keep has a far more positive impact on how they feel about themselves from wake up to sundown & all the many things they do in between. Tidying up is not just about the tidy closet & bags of donated clothes – although that happens too.

Clearing the stressful impact clutter can play in our daily lives creates mental space to pursue other professional & personal goals. Vivien says that adding life coaching to her services just seemed like the natural step. It’s another form of tidying but focused on how our thoughts & feelings create the actions & results that we want. Very life changing.