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Tidying & Organization

Once you've completed your KonMari tidying festival and chosen the items you're going to keep, it's time to give them each a home – this is the secret to defeating clutter once and for all! These are the tools you need for a tidy space.

Cuddly Bear Wooden Pencil Holder

$22.00 Regular price $29.00

Desktop Box Black Leather Cube with closed lid

$56.00 Regular price $75.00

The Tidiest Schoolhouse Building Block Set

$117.00 Regular price $138.00

Tidy Home Building Block Set

$92.00 Regular price $108.00

Sweet Beechwood Bird Clothing Hook

$16.00 Regular price $18.00

Compostable Lawn & Leaf Garden Bags

$11.00 Regular price $12.00

Beechwood Ribbon Hook Organizers Set of 2

$88.00 Regular price $104.00


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