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Reusable Organic Produce Bags Set of 7

Reusable Organic Produce Bags Set of 7

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Machine washable, food safe, compostable and free of synthetics and dyes, this set of seven reusable bags is a food shopping – and storing – game changer. Each set comes with four bags made from GOTS certified organic cotton and three made from sustainable hemp. Breathable cotton is ideal for fruits and vegetables; durable hemp is great for nuts and grains in the bulk bin – the tare weight of each bag is included on the label for a convenient checkout. 

Includes two small, three medium and two large bags. 

Joy Tip Marie recommends using small bags to separate clothing, jewelry and accessories when packing. Use these in your luggage to give everything a home, even when you’re on the go.

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Small, 8" L x 9" W
Medium, 10" L x 11.5" W
Large, 11" L x 17" W"


Mesh bags, 100% GOTS certified organic cotton
Grain bags, 100% hemp

Care & Use Instructions

Machine or hand washable. Hang to dry.