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Zutto Origami Project

Paper Cranes for Peace Origami Kit

Paper Cranes for Peace Origami Kit

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The history of the paper crane as a symbol of peace began in 1955 when Sadako Sasaki, an atomic bomb victim, folded 1,000 of them shortly before her death of leukemia at age 12. Today, about 10 million paper cranes make their way to Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park each year — they are hand-folded by people all over the world and sent with prayers of peace and hope.

The Zutto Origami Project seeks to add even more voices to the movement, courtesy of this 24-piece paper crane origami kit. $1.00 of each sale goes to the International Rescue Committee ( to support peace initiatives worldwide.

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24 sheets, each 6" L x 6" W


Origami paper made from recycled paper cranes in The Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park