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Japanese Carbon Steel Deep Frying Pan

Japanese Carbon Steel Deep Frying Pan

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Want to cook like a pro? It’s all in the wrist – and your pans. Made from fancy carbon steel, this frying pan has been heated and cooled on repeat to create a naturally nonstick surface. The result: Even heat distribution, fast cooking times and no sticky bits left in the pan when you’re done. Cook with confidence – and clean up easily. The oxidized surface of the pan won’t chip or peel, so metal spatulas and tongs are free to do their thing.

Sparks Joy The beechwood handle comes off easily so you can slide this pan in the oven. Genius.

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18" L x 11” W x 3.5" H
Base is approximately 7" Dia


Carbon steel and beechwood.

Care & Use Instructions

Carbon steel pans should be "seasoned" before first use. Heat vegetable oil in the wok gradually, coating all surfaces. Hand wash with soapy water and towel dry.

Carbon steel pans heat quickly and evenly – but they will stain and/or rust if not cared for.
To remove surface rust, heat the pan with oil and wipe clean."