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Hinoki 'Onigiri' Rice Ball Mold

Hinoki 'Onigiri' Rice Ball Mold

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Onigiri – rice balls formed into shapes and filled with various ingredients – are a Japanese food staple. Master the art of preparing onigiri in your kitchen with this special wooden mold designed for efficiently making two triangular rice balls at once. Also known as an oshibako, this sturdy shaper was built to last from authentic Japanese hinoki wood. Add onigiri to school and work lunches or enjoy them as on-the-go snacks – with so many possibilities for different rice types and fillings, there are always new flavor combinations to try!

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6.8" L x 3" W x 1.8" H


Hinoki Cypress

Care & Use Instructions

Before first use, wipe surface with a wet towel.

Wash, wipe and air dry regularly for prolonged use.