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Brown Garabou Organic Cotton Socks

Brown Garabou Organic Cotton Socks

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Each pair of these socks is made using the garabou method — a Japanese spinning technique — to create a dense, warmer weave that feels almost hand-knit. Thick enough to use as house slippers, they are the ideal socks for chilly weekend mornings. Each pair is made in Japan by skilled artisans using a 40 year old weaving machine, so no two sets are exactly alike.This pair, crafted from muted brown yarn, feels organic and understated — exactly the aesthetic that will delight even the hardest-to-please loved one on your gift list.

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Small, Women 5.5-7.5 / Men 4.5-6.5
Medium, Women 8-10 / Men 7-9


Organic cotton, nylon and polyurethane

Care Instruction

Handwashing recommended with socks inside out. When using a washing machine, wash on gentle cycle in a delicates bag. Do not use bleach or dryer. Lay flat to dry.

Please Note

Due to the characteristics of the material and handmade quality, each sock will vary slightly in color, shape and size.