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Wabi-Sabi Kintsugi Repair Kit

Wabi-Sabi Kintsugi Repair Kit

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The Japanese practice that perhaps most exemplifies the spirit of wabi-sabi is kintsugi. Kintsugi is the art of golden joinery, in which broken objects — usually ceramics — are mended with gold-dusted lacquer.

Our exclusive KonMari craft kit will teach you how to repair any number of broken objects using traditional kintsugi methods. It also has everything you need for an afternoon of fun. Practice on two bowls to master your technique before moving on to other joy-sparking projects. For more on wabi-sabi and the art of kintsugi, read our guide:

Available in four colors – Indigo, Cloud Blue, Sakura Pink or Sencha Green.

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Box, 5.5" L x 4.1" D x 3.3" W
Bowls, 2" Dia x 1.3" H


Bowls: ceramic
Glue: epoxy resin, benzyl alcohol, allyl glycidyl ether, auxiliaries

Kit Includes

Gold pigment
2 practice bowls
Protective cloth

Care & Use Instructions

Keep out of reach of children. Store in a well-ventilated place.

Please Note

Glue is not food safe. Finished items are for decorative purposes only.