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Tokyo Kodo

Tokyo Kodo Incense Gift Box with Incense Holder

Tokyo Kodo Incense Gift Box with Incense Holder

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Incorporate these artfully curated fragrances into your morning routines, self-care rituals or meditation practices; Marie begins each day at home by opening the windows and burning incense to cleanse the air. Each box holds one handcrafted ceramic incense holder and 65 incense sticks – each stick burns for approximately 16 minutes.

Available in two scents:

Love Carrot: earthy, ethereal and sweet, this incense blends carrot seed oil with notes of sunny orange, patchouli, sweet vanilla and Indian sandalwood for a complex, sophisticated aromatic experience.

Lotus Du Japon: inspired by the unique charm of the lotus, this tenderly scented incense features floral, powdery notes delicately blended to capture nature’s refined beauty in fragrance form.

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"Box, 4"" L x 3.5"" W x 2"" H
Each Incense, 2.8"" L"


Love Carrot: 100% natural incense – sandalwood, earthy carrot, sunny orange, patchouli, vanilla, fine natural wood powder.

Lotus Du Japon: 100% natural incense – sandal wood, fragrance, fine natural wood powder.

Ceramic incense holder and fireproof paper sheet included.

Kit Includes

65 incense sticks
1 handcrafted ceramic incense holder

Care & Use Instructions

Always use an incense holder with fireproof paper or a ceramic plate underneath. Keep out of reach of children and animals and avoid high temperatures and humidity. Do not use close to flammable objects or leave unattended.