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Naturally Absorbent Stone Bath Mat

Naturally Absorbent Stone Bath Mat

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A natural addition to your bathroom, this gentle floor mat’s diatomaceous earth and vermiculite composition makes it a highly absorbent, rapidly drying alternative to the typical bath rug. 100% recyclable and easy on sensitive feet, the ceramic-like porous material is designed to quickly absorb excess water. Its breathable nature helps prevent mold, helping you to breathe easier knowing the bathroom is completely clean. Turn stepping out of the shower into an everyday treat for your feet – the mat’s satisfying organic texture keeps you from slipping and feels oh so gratifying underfoot.

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25.5" L x 16.75" W


Diatomaceous earth and vermiculite

Care & Use Instructions

For stains, use a soft brush to rinse, or treat with light bleach and rinse.

If you notice a decrease in absorbency, a quick rub with sandpaper will restore it to its original state.