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Olander Earthworks

Desktop Zen Garden

Desktop Zen Garden

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Letting the mind wander is crucial to creativity – and taking a break from screens is one of the best things you can do for your health and wellbeing, not to mention your ability to focus and work efficiently. Sculpted by hand in Portland, Ore., this Desktop Zen Garden encourages play, mindfulness and a break from nerve-jangling alerts and notifications. Use your hands to spin and twist the sculpted spheres through the sand to create captivating patterns and shapes. Come back to your tasks and to-dos refreshed.

To use: Fill sand to the height of the lower lip, but no higher. Swirl and softly shake the tray to smooth out the sand and create an even surface. Play gently – this isn’t Bocci ball! Avoid knocking the spheres into each other – scraping or dropping them can chip and degrade their surfaces.

Joy Tip For more advice on working joyfully, read “Joy at Work,” Marie’s book on how to apply her life-changing tidying method to your career.

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Tray, 11.75" Dia
Bubbles Sphere, 1.75" Dia
Swirls Sphere, 2.3" Dia


Birch plywood tray, fine grade sand and concrete.

Care & Use Instructions

Rinse spheres under running water with gentle soap when needed. Avoid harsh detergents and excesses rubbing when cleaning. To clean debris from sand, carefully skim a piece of paper over the top.