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Sasawashi Slippers / Room Shoes

Sasawashi Slippers / Room Shoes

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Carefully review sizing guide below to determine your best fit. 

Adopting the Japanese custom of removing your shoes before coming inside is an easy way to keep your tidied space clean and germ free. These ultra-comfortable slippers are designed to be worn with or without socks for year-round use. Made from Sasawashi fabric – an anti-pill blend of breathable washi paper and antibacterial, odor-absorbing kumazasa plant fibers – these slippers keep feet smelling and feeling fresh and your floors clean. 

Designed for indoor use. Soft soles will wear over time if worn on rough surfaces. 

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Please note: Just as it is in Japan, each slipper size (Small, Medium, etc.) includes a range of shoe sizes. So if you're closer to the bottom of a size's range and prefer a snug fit, we recommend sizing down. On the other hand, if you are closer to the top of a size's range and prefer a looser fit, we recommend sizing up.

Keep this and the footbed length in mind when selecting your size. All sizes are U.S.

Footbed length: 8.6" L
Women 5-6 / Men < 5

Footbed length: 9.5" L
Women 6.5-8 / Men 5.5-7

Footbed length: 10.25" L
Women 8.5-10 / Men 7.5-9

Footbed length: 11.25" L
Women 10.5-13 / Men 9.5-11.5


Sasawashi fabric with a polyester sole

Care & Use Instructions

Spot clean or hand wash recommended. Avoid wearing them outside or on flooring that might naturally cause excessive scuffs or wear.