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Iris Hantverk

Birch and Horse Hair Face Brush

Birch and Horse Hair Face Brush

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Brighten your skin and your nighttime routine. Made by hand in Stockholm using all-natural fibers, this travel-sized, eco friendly face brush gently removes makeup and dirt while simultaneously eliminating dead skin cells.

Use wet with warm water and a facial cleanser. The horse hair bristles are naturally firm – they will soften over time. Move slowly and gently in circular motions, avoiding the eyes and mouth.

Sparks Joy Handmade in Stockholm by visually impaired craftsmen who specialize in old-world natural fiber brushes.

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1.8” Dia x 3.9” H


White oiled-birch and horse hair.

Care & Use Instructions

Clean with water and shampoo in the palm of your hand. Add more water until the brush is clean and the shampoo has been washed out. Gently squeeze with a towel, then blow dry while combing with a comb.