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Matcha Whisk

Matcha Whisk

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Handcrafted from a single piece of bamboo, this traditional tea whisk, or chasen, is designed to mix hot water with powdered matcha tea. The dense arrangement of the tines coaxes the matcha into a uniformly smooth consistency – essential to a delicious cup of tea, as matcha tends to clump when it comes into contact with water. Whisking in an M- or W-shaped motion brings out the nuances of perfectly blended matcha and helps to create a topping of rich foam.

Learn how to create your own Japanese tea ceremony at home.

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4" L x 3.75" W x 4" H



Care & Use Instructions

Cleaning Your Matcha Whisk:
1. Rinse whisk in warm water to get rid of any matcha residue.
2. Fill a bowl with warm water and whisk your chasen in circles for 60 seconds. Note: Avoid using soap or placing in a dishwasher — this will damage the bamboo!
3. Allow chasen to dry thoroughly before storing.
4. Store your whisk with its prongs facing up to protect them from breaking.