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"Michi-Kusa" Wildflower Vase With Kenzan

"Michi-Kusa" Wildflower Vase With Kenzan

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Michi-kusa is the Japanese term for flowers on the side of the road; it also denotes lazy lingering and lounging around – the kind of behavior you might indulge in if you found yourself in an unexpected wildflower field. Equipped with its own kenzan – the spiky base of sculptural Ikebana arrangements – this clear glass vase makes a lovely home for a single stem or a few thoughtfully chosen flowers. Add it to your desk or workspace as a reminder to take a few peaceful breaks.

Joy Tip See Marie Kondo's Guide to Ikebana Flower Arranging here.

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2.87" Dia x 1.85" H


Glass and Polycarbonate