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Modern Bee House for Backyard

Modern Bee House for Backyard

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As well-designed as the tidiest human home, this modern bee house is designed to attract solitary bee species to your garden or backyard. Solitary bees, including mason bees and leafcutter bees, are known as the ideal pollinators because they feed their young on plant pollen rather than the nectar collected by traditional hive bees. By inviting these friendly flower-lovers into your garden, you will build a cyclical system that supports both plant growth and sustainability. Hang this bee home on a post or from a tree to connect with nature as a form of mindfulness and intention — and to build caring for the planet into your own backyard.

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4” L x 4” W x 7” H


Aeroply and bamboo.

Please Note

Each bee house is handmade and will vary by natural color and shape.