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The Craft of Matcha Gift Set

The Craft of Matcha Gift Set

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Each element of this ceremonial grade matcha tea set has been chosen with care and made entirely by hand. That includes the bamboo whisk or chasen, and the hand-painted Omacchaya measuring spoon, but also the custom-designed washi paper gift box it arrives in. The set is designed by a family of artisans in Takayama, Japan who have been handing down the craft for 24 years. Open the box to find everything you need to get started exploring the complexities of matcha.

Joy Tip: This set makes an especially good gift for the tea lover who sparks joy in your life but also the friend who struggles to remember to take time for herself. A regular afternoon tea routine is a simple place to start.

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9.3" L x 4.3" W x 2.75" H

Kit Includes

Handmade Japanese washi paper box
1 oz Ceremonial grade matcha tea
Japanese bamboo whisk
Hand painted measuring spoon