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Ceremonial Grade Japanese Matcha Tea

Ceremonial Grade Japanese Matcha Tea

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Every busy life can benefit from a brief but conscious pause. Embracing a daily tea ritual provides exactly that — a space for rest and reflection that requires little more than a few minutes and silencing a phone.

Created by tea sommeliers who are dedicated to environmentally sound harvest practices, this Okumidori-blend matcha is known as "salon de thé" grade, which produces a clean, light flavor of matcha that tastes best sipped straight — ideally from a hand-thrown mug that sparks joy. Known in Japan as "usucha," it is a singular taste that lends a special note to a midday break by lifting the senses and the spirit.

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2.36" Dia x 2.28" H; 1 oz


Aluminum tin can


100% ceremonial grade matcha

Care Instruction

Store in a dark room, away from heat, humidity and sun light.