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Charcoal-Infused Bath Towel

Charcoal-Infused Bath Towel

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This bath towel is made in Japan using a traditional weaving technique that results in a delicate, net-like texture. Though light to the touch, the custom cotton blend is highly absorbent and gets softer with every use. The towel gets its grey color from binchotan, a charcoal made from Japanese oak. Known for its detoxifying qualities, binchotan is often used in bathing rituals at onsen, Japanese hot springs, to purify the body and spirit. When naturally infused into every thread, binchotan helps keep each towel feeling fresh for daily use – and all the way until laundry day.

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26" L x 52" W


Cotton and binchotan charcoal-infused rayon

Care & Use Instructions

Machine washable. Do not use dryer, hang dry only. Do not use bleach.

Please Note

Towel will soften with use. Color will fade slightly and cloth will shrink after first wash.