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Oxidized Copper Display Plate

Oxidized Copper Display Plate

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Give your komono items a safe home – this small tray catches those miscellaneous objects that often become misplaced like house keys and delicate jewelry. It is crafted from oxidized copper that will continue to age and shift over time, slowly building a one-of-a-kind patina.

Made by artisans in Takaoka, Japan, where copperware has been produced for over 400 years, the tray undergoes a process called "coloring," which creates a range of shades on its surface. No two pieces are ever the same, which makes this dish as much a statement piece as a functional organizing tool.

Use this tray throughout the home — next to the front door, on a bathroom vanity or as a tea coaster — to keep surfaces tidy. It will acquire more depth of color through use, shifting over the years as you create countless memories that spark joy in the spaces you love.

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4.9" Dia x 0.6" H



Care & Use Instructions

Be careful not to scrape surface with sharp objects or place food or liquid directly on it as it may cause discoloration.

Please Note

Surface oxidation may lead to color change over time.