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Matte Stoneware Mug

Matte Stoneware Mug

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Stoneware is beloved in Japan because it embodies an ethos of functional beauty — each mug or bowl is as practical as it is pleasant to look at and hold. Consider the minimal design of this simple mug, available in a bold azure blue, or natural sandy grey which can transform the simple act of sipping tea or coffee into a joy-sparking, mindful moment. Designed by Japanese artist, Shigeichiro Takeuchi, the mug is matte on the outside with a glazed interior finish for visual contrast. A simple, statement handle is designed to counterbalance the weight of the mug for the perfect handfeel.

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Capacity, 10 oz
3.5" Dia x 4.4" W x 3.5" H



Care & Use Instructions

We recommend hand washing with a soft sponge and mild detergent. Microwave and dishwasher safe. Quick changes in temperature such as moving directly from microwave to refrigerator could cause cracks. Unglazed surface can stain with prolong exposure to colored food or liquid.