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Traditional Japanese Donabe – Black Line

Traditional Japanese Donabe – Black Line

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A donabe is a deceptively simple earthenware vessel — "do" means clay and "nabe" means pot — that is used to cook delicate Japanese dishes such as hot pots and to simmer broths and dashi. The secret is in its subtle design, which embodies the Japanese approach to slow, conscious living. The stone vessel conducts heat evenly for a slow simmer that allows vegetables and meats to meld together, layering flavor on flavor to create an intricate dish each time.

Because of its pared down beauty, the donabe can be carried straight from the kitchen to the table where it will serve as a centerpiece at dinner with family and friends. To share a donabe meal is a communal experience — one that encourages slowing down, eating mindfully and, of course, finding joy in our food, homes and each other.

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9.25" Dia x 6.25" H
Capacity, 48 fl oz


Ceramic earthenware

Care & Use Instructions

Hand wash with mild soap and dry thoroughly with a cloth. Do not place in dishwasher.

The donabe is made to be used over direct flame only, and is not suitable for electric stoves or induction cooktops. Also, do not use in microwave.