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Japanese Roasted Hojicha Tea – 8 Tea Bags

Japanese Roasted Hojicha Tea – 8 Tea Bags

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Hojicha tea carries the distinct flavor of Japan with it, courtesy of a unique roasting process in which green tea is heated in a porcelain pot over hot charcoal. In this blend, only the first tea leaves receive this traditional treatment resulting in a mellower flavor and more delicate aroma. To brew a perfect cup of hojicha, steep a tea bag in a Traditional Japanese Teacup With Lid for the recommended brewing time.

Joy Tip: For a less traditional but equally joyful cup, try serving this tea over ice. The result is a mild, sweet flavor suitable for any time of day.

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Bag, 2" L x 2.2" W x 5.9" H
Eight individual tea bags


Green tea

Care Instruction

Tea leaves are very sensitive to moisture, high temperature and UV rays. Store in a cool, dry place.