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Modern Metal Bookend

Modern Metal Bookend

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A book collection can say a lot about a person. It has the power to spark endless hours of joy — and to remind us of the lessons we've acquired through our lives. And so, each original collection deserves dedicated care and organization.

This minimal, metal bookend serves a simple purpose — it will help tidy any shelf. Made in Italy from powder-coated steel, it offers an easy way to keep books straight and upright on living room shelves or office desks. A carefully organized book collection makes reaching for the next book that sparks joy a natural impulse — building more reading into our lives. Sold individually.

Tidy Tip Each bookend is sold separately but welcomes a partner. Combine multiple bookends to create visual consistency across many shelves. The resulting aesthetic is that of a well-run library at home.

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5.5" x 5.5" x 5.5"


Powder-coated steel