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Maison Balzac

Traditional Japanese Incense

Traditional Japanese Incense

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The first formal record of incense being burned in Japan occurred when a log of fragrant agarwood drifted ashore on Awaji Island in 595 CE. Today 70% of Japan’s incense still comes from that small isle – including this set of traditional Japanese incense sticks. Each box holds approximately 50 incense sticks, and each stick burns for 25 minutes.

Available in two scents:

Rose: rosa damascena, rosa centifolia and rosa gallican officinalis

Sainte T: green leaf, flower stems, rose, freesia and musk

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Box, 6" L x 1.2" W X 1.2" H
Each incense stick is ~5.8" L – sticks are handmade, so sizing varies.


Jimi (or tabunoki) powdered wood and natural oils