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Ceremonial Ceramic Matcha Bowl

Ceremonial Ceramic Matcha Bowl

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Sometimes you want a lot of matcha! This generously-sized bowl features a traditional Shino glaze in milky white and grey. Sip slowly to return to center at the end of a long day – or for a sustainable energy buzz at the beginning of one. Of course, you can sip or spoon delights other than matcha from this bowl – or simply admire its artisanal beauty. Comes in its own wooden box.

Joy Tip For true tea ceremony vibes, close your eyes and take a moment to check in with yourself before you sip. Release any material thoughts or stresses and set an intention for your moment of tranquility.

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Capacity, 16 oz
5.25" L x 4.9" W x 3.4" H



Care & Use Instructions

Hand wash only.