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Dining Keepsake: Handmade Brass Stir Spoon

Dining Keepsake: Handmade Brass Stir Spoon

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In the Japanese city of Setouchi, Ruka “Lue” Kikuchi crafts utensils and accessories out of gleaming brass – a material that becomes more interesting with use and time. This handmade spoon is the ideal accompaniment to a freshly brewed cup of tea. Each step of its making – from cutting and hammering to welding and polishing – is carried out by Kikuchi himself, creating a useful and enduring keepsake.

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5" L



Care & Use Instructions

To prevent darkening and copper green rust, wash the knife with a gentle detergent immediately after use. Wipe away water so the oxidation film covers the surface equally. To remove darkening and rust, polish with a mixture of salt and vinegar. Natural luster will come out again after polishing. For hard to remove dirt, soak the knife overnight in vinegar diluted with water and polish in the morning.