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Stretchable, Reusable Low Waste Lid Set

Stretchable, Reusable Low Waste Lid Set

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Never search for lost lids again. This set of durable and dynamic lids is made from food-safe silicone that stretches to fit bowls, cups, jars and containers so you can cover food, drinks and snacks and keep them fresher longer. No more spills, no more cling wrap and no more Tupperware treasure hunts. Comes with seven lids that stretch from four to 12 inches in diameter.

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Comes with seven lids:
9.1" Dia – stretches to 12" Dia
8.3" Dia – stretches to 11" Dia
6.5" Dia – stretches to 9" Dia
5.7" Dia – stretches to 8" Dia
4.5" Dia – stretches to 6" Dia
3.7" Dia – stretches to 5" Dia
2.8" Dia – stretches to 4" Dia



Care & Use Instructions

Dishwasher and freezer safe.