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Ceramic Rice Cooker

Ceramic Rice Cooker

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Rice is a staple of Japanese cuisine, and a well-made rice cooker is a must-have tool. Designed to be used on gas stove tops, this ceramic pot with a double lid prevents liquid from boiling over when cooking and – thanks to the right level of pressure and heat – makes rice that’s delicious and fluffy. Reference lines inside the pot make it easy to know how much dried rice and water to add. Take the stress out of mealtime – the rice, at least, is sorted. This item is hand-glazed – small dots or bubbles are to be expected. 

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Capacity, 40.6 oz.
6.3" Dia x 7.7" W x 4.9" H


Pot, high-heat-resistant ceramic
Lid, ceramic
Glaze, silica rock, feldspar and purified talc

Care & Use Instructions

Microwave, oven, direct fire and dishwasher safe.

Wash immediately after use and dry well; keep dry when not in use. Do not use abrasive cleansers or steel wool.