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Binchotan Charcoal
Binchotan Charcoal
Binchotan Charcoal

Binchotan Charcoal

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For centuries, artisans in Japan’s Kishu region have been burning ubame oak branches to yield binchotan – charcoal renowned for its purifying properties. These sticks can be used to filter water, bring out flavor while cooking rice, absorb odors in rooms and refrigerators or give a healthy boost to soil in gardens or potted plants. Each quarter-pound bag can purify up to one gallon of water and will retain its effectiveness for at least three months.

¼ lb bags. Each bag includes an assortment of charcoal pieces of various sizes. Approximate stick sizes: 4 inches - 6 inches in length and 0.5 inches -1 inch in diameter
Charcoal; 100% Ubame Oak
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