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Brass Cookbook & Tablet Stand

Brass Cookbook & Tablet Stand

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Dinner at home is a cherished part of Marie’s routine, and simplicity is key. This elegant brass stand – designed to hold a cookbook or a tablet – makes it easy to see recipes at a glance. It sits upright, turns sideways and features an adaptable shelf to hold what you need; plus, its small footprint keeps your food prep area free of clutter.

Joy Tip Between meals, use the stand on your desk to keep papers organized, display a joy-sparking sentimental item and keep surfaces tidy.

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7.5” L x 8.5” W x 6.3” H
Best for small to medium sized cookbooks.



Please Note

Brass naturally oxidizes over time, causing variations in color and texture. These individual quirks are not considered defects – rather they are what make Puebco's products special.