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Set of 7 Tsukemono Japanese Pickling Seeds

Set of 7 Tsukemono Japanese Pickling Seeds

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The act of pickling is a study in organization, deliberation and balance. Japanese preserved vegetables, or tsukemono, accompany meals at tables across Asia. They are often made by hand and memory using the same recipes passed down through generations. Served in small dishes alongside rice and entrees, they're meant to balance both the palate and the meal. Each different – and often brightly colored – combination lends a blend of spicy, salty, sweet or sour notes. The result is more complexity to each bite, which heightens the senses and one's presence at the table.

Tsukemono can be store-bought, but they are best when made at home — the process more deeply connects us to our meals and those we share them with. This set of seven pickling vegetable seed packs allows you to build your own home pickling garden. It includes:

- Katsura Giant Pickling Melon
- Kurume Long Japanese Eggplant
- Red Giant Mustard
- Tasty Green Cucumber Hybrid
- Kanamachi Turnip
- Tokinashi All Season Daikon
- Aichi Chinese Cabbage

Use them as a relaxing weekend project to bring joy and flavor to your table in the form of kimchee, takuan, nukazuke, shoyuzuke, ichiyazuki and other recipes.

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Kit Includes

Katsura Giant Pickling Melon: ~ Approx. 20-24 seeds / packet
Kurume Long Japanese Eggplant: ~ Approx. 100-150 seeds / packet
Red Giant Mustard: ~ Approx. 1400-1500 seeds / packet
Tasty Green Cucumber Hybrid: Approx. 10-18 seeds / packet
Kanamachi Turnip: ~ Approx. 1500-2000 seeds / packet
Tokinashi All Season Daikon: ~ Approx. 350-375 seeds / packet
Aichi Chinese Cabbage: ~ Approx. 500-600 seeds / packet