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Japanese Picklestone

Japanese Picklestone

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Calling all pickling enthusiasts! Perfect the art of pickling at home with the Picklestone, a passion project by Tomonori Tanaka designed to simplify the preparation of tsukemono – traditional Japanese pickles. The Picklestone comes with a sophisticated glass container and wooden lid, a hardy stone made from a lustrous Japanese granite known as aji-ishi and an attached hinoki wooden press that adds a subtle woody flavor to the pickles. To make pickles using the Picklestone, simply add your vegetables and a pickle brine – for traditional tsukemono, this typically means salt, chili pepper and konbu kelp – to the jar and lower the pickle stone down. Then, place the wooden lid over the bin and let the stone work its magic! The compact container fits perfectly on the refrigerator shelf next to the milk and juice – it’s a modern-day pickler’s dream.

Sparks Joy Picklestone engages craftsmen who were devastated by a 2011 earthquake in Ishinomaki, Japan by supporting them as they rebuild their homes and businesses and by donating a portion of proceeds to the affected area.

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Capacity: 7.4 oz
3.6" Dia x 8.6" H


Aji-ishi stone, hinoki wood, cotton rope, bamboo and silicone lid and glass container.

Kit Includes

English instructions and recipes.

Care & Use Instructions

Hand washing recommended. Product is not intended to be used as storage container. Once pickling is complete, transfer to food storage container.

Please Note

Minor bubbles may appear in glass due to glass manufacturing process.