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Goest Perfumes x KonMari

Goest Perfumes x KonMari All-Natural Essential Oil – Yuzu Forest

Goest Perfumes x KonMari All-Natural Essential Oil – Yuzu Forest

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Smell is our most powerful sense – it can lift moods, improve focus and evoke powerful emotions. Marie lights incense and diffuses essential oils to mark the start of her day – and to signal that she's shifting in or out of work mode. This custom blend, developed in collaboration with the mad-scientist perfumers at Goest, evokes memories of Japan with notes of yuzu, mandarin and hinoki cypress. Add a few drops to a diffuser or your bath water for a transportive, joyful experience.

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1.5" Dia x 5” H


All-natural blend of precious plant oils, isolates, absolutes and extracts.

Care & Use Instructions

Caution: This is a concentrated product; do not use on skin or for other cosmetic uses.

For optimal quality, store out of direct sunlight and away from excessive heat.