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Steel & Wood Japanese Garden Trowel

Steel & Wood Japanese Garden Trowel

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Hand-forged by a father-and-son team in Japan’s Niigata Prefecture, this built-to-last trowel marries form and function – a hallmark of Japanese design. Designed for use in the greenhouse, conservatory and garden, it’s best when used in well-tilled soil (the job of a cultivator) and isn’t meant for digging in heavy or unbroken soils. Use it in your raised beds, herb garden and pride-and-joy rose bushes.

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11" L x 2" W x 1.3" H


Steel and wood

Care Instruction

Remove leaf resin with water. Wipe dry, oil and store in a dry place.

To sharpen, use a sharpening stone. New tools won't need sharpening for some time, but with regular use over time they will require occasional sharpening.

Avoid cutting wire, metal, stone, plastic or any other hard material. Even bamboo fibers and some very hard woods – especially knots, burrs and dead wood – can damage steel edges. Do not twist or apply uneven pressure. Try to cut branches diagonally, not straight across.